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Blueray Concepts now offers custom embroidery!

We’ve added custom embroidery to our service lineup to complement our existing graphics and laser services.  Unlike many of other companies who depend on contractors to produce their designs and embroidery, we now offer embroidery in-house. This allows us to carefully control the process which ensures the highest quality and fastest production. Our custom embroidery is completed in-house in our Kentucky location, which means you support a neighborhood small business with each order. This means that our quality and service is truly world class.

If you need custom embroidery for your business, non-profit or group, Blueray Concepts can handle your order, with expert advice from everything on what apparel to use, to which print process is going to get the most bang for your buck. Blueray Concepts will provide you with expert embroidery knowledge.

Looking for a gift? We have many pre-digitized logos and art work that make great gifts for any occasion.  You can choose from our library or upload your own.